Westward Ho is now part of a Limerick-owned group that spans eleven other businesses across Limerick city and county. Led by renowned hospitality experts, our talented team includes chefs, mixologists and baristas from all over the world.
Are you wondering where we got our name? Us too! Some say it dates back to Shakespearean times, when river boats punted across the Thames, shouting “westward ho!” to potential fares on the eastern bank. Others look to literature for early mentions, and still more think that John Wayne’s westerns were the source of inspiration. What do you think? Let us know the next time you visit!
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Our story

Westward Ho has been a firm fixture in Limerick lives ever since the end of the 19th century, when it was a favoured pit-stop for horses, carts and carriages travelling through Mungret village.

The vehicles in our carpark might have changed since then, but our famous hospitality is just the same. Whether you’re a visiting tourist or a local neighbour, you’ll always be warmly welcomed to the Westward Ho.

Our suppliers

Global flavours, local producers

Our Limerick location means we’re lucky to have access to the best food producers in Ireland, from the dairy farmers of the Golden Vale to the fisherfolk of the Wild Atlantic Way.

We specialise in serving grass-fed Irish beef, seasonal vegetables and small-batch drinks. Our fridges are full of locally-brewed Treaty beers, Kerry-made St. Tola cheese and Dingle-distilled gin and we regularly work with new artisan producers to help bring their homegrown products to market.

We’re also proud to have built a network of superb international suppliers, who make sure our extensive menus include the finest French wines, Italian pastas and Asian spices.

Check out our menus, read about our events or connect with us on social media to learn more about how Westward Ho can be your home away from home. 

Hospitality at its finest

Our Specialities

We know that getting the basics right is the key to a good guest experience. For us, that means friendly service, a warm atmosphere and the perfect pour, every time.

Our specialities include superb quality Irish Hereford steaks, an exciting list of beautifully-made cocktails and a magical garden that’s built for making memories with family and friends under the summer sunshine or the night-time stars.

Our sports

The big screen and local pitches

While the pitch and putt course might be retired, our sporting heritage is still alive and kicking. We’re proud to support local youth teams in the area, encouraging the passion and rewarding the dedication of Mungret’s talented girls and boys.

If you prefer to watch your sports on the big screen, we have 15 televisions available to make sure you get a clear view of all the action on the pitch.

We serve food seven days a week, so you can kick back and enjoy a cool pint, a glass of wine or a hearty steak sandwich while watching your favourite sports – whether you’re a rugby, football, soccer or golf fan, we’ll have you covered.

Book a table now to cheer for your team in comfort.